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PARFECT MACHINERY Co., Ltd. is a Ningbo foundry manufacturer of precision casting, sand casting, aluminum alloy casting,gravity casting. 

For many enterprises to provide professional aluminum alloy casting production and processing services, the main production machinery and equipment accessories parts, medical equipment, automobile and motorcycle parts, train accessories, motor fan, printing machinery and automation equipment accessories, such as aluminum alloy parts accessories, the company has the abundant technical strength and rich production experience, the monthly output reached more than 800 tons.  

We can according to customer requirements, sample, to map mold design and product production, to make a variety of raw and finished parts.  We are equipped with shot blasting machine, sand blasting machine, heat treatment machine, CNC machining center, milling machine and other equipments. Our products after machining, product surface without loose, slag inclusion, sand holes and other unhealthy phenomenon, our products includes automobile and motorcycle parts, train parts, machinery parts, motor blower, air compressor series, printing machinery parts, furniture accessories, wood and medical equipment parts, such as types, deeply customer recognition and praise.  
We have strong technical force, professional strong, sophisticated equipment, experienced technical personnel, the use of CAD/PROE and other technologies for innovative design, to provide users with excellent service, welcome to call to map to sample consultation.  
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