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1.Product name:

Forging parts


Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel,aluminum

3.Material Standard:



FOB Ningbo or Shanghai,China

5.Lead time:

30~40 days

6.Place of origin

Ningbo, China

7.Software for specification drawings:

PDF, Auto CAD, Solidworks, JPG, ProE,etc.

8.Main production equipments:

7800T/3000T/ 5T/ 3T/ 1T Grinding Pressure Equipment, CNC-Machine, Machine-center

9.Heat Treatment Machine:

Mesh-Belt-Furnace,Carburizing Quench Furnace,Chamer Furnace,etc.

10.Surface Treatment:

Cold/Hot Zn Plating,Blackening Treatment(Salt Spray Test 48-96 hours),Ni Plating,Cr Plating,Spraying Undercoat,Anti-Rust Paint,Surface Paint,Plastic Paint,Coated Anti-Rust Water,Anti-oil,etc.

11.Surface Heat Treatment:

Medium Frequence Quenching,High Frequence Quenching and Carburizing and Quenching,Oil Quenching,Water quenching,Normalizing,Temper,Annealing,etc.

12.Dimension Inspection:

Calipers,Height Laugue,Micrometer Calipers,Inside Caliper Gauge,Angle and R Gauge,Three coordinates measuring instrument.


20000tons / year


Wooden package after mandatory treatment or other

15.Export Markets: 

Australia forging parts;  America, U.S.A. United States forging parts;  Canada forging parts;  U.K. England, Britain forging  parts;  Germany forging  parts;   France forging parts;   Italy forging parts ,Spain Espana forging parts;  Holand forging parts   South Africa forging parts;   Danmark forging parts  Sweden forging parts;   Finland forging parts;


China forging factory;China forging  company;China forging Co.,Ltd;China forging  INC;China forging  corporation;China forging  Manufacturer;China forging  supplier; China forging  parts, China forging

17.Relationship Information:

Ningbo Forging factory;Ningbo Forging company;Ningbo Forging Co.,Ltd;Hangzhou Forging factory;Hangzhou Forging company;Hangzhou Forging Co.,Ltd;Zhejiang Forging company;Zhejiang Forging Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Forged factory;Ningbo Forged company;Ningbo Forged Co.,Ltd;Hangzhou Forged factory;Hangzhou Forged company;Hangzhou Forged Co.,Ltd;Zhejiang Forged company;Zhejiang Forged Co.,Ltd.

18.They are using for mining equipmentConstruction equipment and others.

19. We make forging parts in Ningbo, China

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