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We are a China lost wax casting Co.,ltd,Producing all kinds of lost wax casting parts,lost wax casting process include water glass lost wax casting,Silica sol lost wax casting,sand lost wax casting,lost foam lost wax casting;water glass process is cryogenic lost wax,Silica sol process is mesothermal lost wax,We are the leading China lost wax casting Co.,ltd. The lost wax casting parts In our China Co.,ltd is in good quality.Our lost wax casting parts normally materials mainly include carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,Mn steel,high-temperature steel,heat resistant steel,Ni base alloy,ductile iron,gray iron,Cr iron,grey iron,Copper,Brass,Bronze,aluminum.... We can produce lost wax casting parts according to your requirements.Our lost wax casting Co.,ltd have different sizes of lost wax casting parts,Water glass cast steel dimension tolerance we could reach is CT7-8,the weight controled is about 0.2-80kg;Silica sol cast steel dimension tolerance we could reach is CT 5-6,The weight controled is 0.1-60kg;Sand cast steel dimension tolerance we could reach is CT 5-6,The weight controled is 0.1-60kg;lost foam cast steel Dimension tolerance we could reach is CT8-9,The weight controled is 0.2-100kg,Parfect lost wax casting Co.,ltd has emerged as one of the top innovators among, Our lost wax casting parts are exported to America,Canada,England,France,Germany,Australia & South Africa Holland,Spain market...! Our lost wax casting parts are not fracture, wear-resisting, greatly reducing replacement and improve working efficiency.We have strict quality by the user consistent high praise. If you need lost wax casting parts, please feel to contact us. Parfect lost wax casting Co.,ltd will provide you best price with high good quality! parfect lost wax casting parts in China,starting since 2001, is a specialized in manufacturing all kinds of lost wax casting parts. The reasons to choose us:1.Good Service.OEM and ODM service offered.1 year limited warranty for defective items(excluding items damaged and/or misused after receipt);2.Specialized lost wax casting Enterprise in China.Simulation of the lost wax casting system,Proficient in 3d design software,solidworks,Pro.CAD with rich experienced technical teams,Provide Complete lost wax casting Solutions;3.Quality Assurance.Well-equipped testing facilities,Good quality control system;4.Competitive Prices, First Choice.Save Cost & Creating Values for You.

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Quality Policy
Supporting our dedication to world-class quality is a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with Spectrograph,Tensile Strength,Impact Test Machine, Rockwell hardness tester, Brinell hardness tester, Leeb hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester, Metallography analyzer, Magnetic defect detector, ultrasonic flaw detector,X-ray test and so on . Each and every production run is batch tested to ensure a consistently high standard across the board. In short, nothing is left to chance in our pursuit to deliver world-class ideas, backed by the quality you would expect from the leader in iron casting and forging.

Design, production, metallurgical know-how and testing capabilities are brought together to guarantee absolute integrity for the large volume production of safety critical components and to satisfy the most demanding specifications. The results are the highest quality components delivered on-time, at the best possible price.

Our company supplies casting ,forging and welding products to American, Canadian, United Kingdom, French, Italian, Australian and International customers.
Our goal is to be the preferred supplier of highly engineered products to customers in the Australian and International market.
Our competitive advantage will continue to be operational excellence and customer intimacy.
The Company is fully committed to excellence in the satisfaction of customer expectations for design, manufacture, supply and technical support of its products.

This Commitment is achieved by:
★Complying with the requirements of the internationally recognised Quality Management System Standards AS/NZS ISO 9001, and Automotive Quality Systems Requirement ISO/TS 16949.
★Meeting all contractual obligations to our customers.
★Benchmarking quality performance, as perceived by our customers.
★Continually applying quality management and review principles to every aspect of the business.
★Encouraging a culture that focuses on customer satisfaction for both internal and external customers.
★Progressively striving for improved operational effectiveness.
★Reducing internal and external scrap rates.
★Maintaining and reviewing operating systems for a consistent approach to quality including regular training and skills development.
★Fostering and developing Continuous Improvement principles throughout the organisation.