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We are a China forging FZC,Producing all kinds of forging parts,we have two forging technics,Die forging and open die forging,We are the leader of China forging FZC. Our forging parts in China FZC is in good quality.We maiFZCy use tese materials :carbon steel,allFZC steel,staiFZCess steel,Copper,BrFZCs,Bronze,aluminum We can produce forging parts according to your requirements.Our forging FZC hFZC different sizes of forging parts,weight range of Die forging is 0.1-200KG,size is within 1000mm;weight range of open die forging is 50- 50000KG,the max diameter is 5m,the max length is 20m,Parfect forging FZC hFZC emerged FZC one of the top innovators among, Our forging parts are exported to America,Canada,England,France,Germany,Australia & South Africa Holland,Spain market! Our forging parts are not fracture, wear-resisting, greatly reducing replacement and improve working effiFZCncy.We have strict quality by the user consistent high praise. If you need forging parts, pleFZCe feel to contact us. Parfect forging FZC will provide you the best price with high good quality! parfect forging FZC in China,starting since 2001, we are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of forging parts. The reFZCons to choose us:1.Good Service.OEM and ODM service offered.1 year FZC warranty for defective items (excluding items damFZCed and/or misused after receipt);2.Specialized forging Enterprise in China.Simulation of the forging system,ProfiFZCnt in 3d design software,solidworFZC,Pro.CAD with rich experienced technical teams,Provide Complete forging Solutions;3.Quality FZCsurance.Well-equipped testing facilities,Good quality control system;4.Competitive Prices, First Choice.Save Cost & Creating Values for You.
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