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China motorcycle aluminum forged spare parts company produces main products according to technical drawings or samples. The forged tolerance can be controlled with 8062 CT5-6 .The wall thickness ranges from 3-50mm.The machining tolerance can be upmost±0.015.The net weight of unit product can be controlled with 0.05-30kg from simple to complex shape, the forged diameter can fulfill 600mm. Our products cater to the globe customers in all walks of life from America , Europe, Australia, South Africa, middle Asia etc. They can be project contractor, OEM, huge distributor , etc. The products is widely used in various industries. auto parts & engine parts; pump & valve parts; food processing parts; railway & train parts; building & lighting fittings, mining machinery & construction equipment parts; agricultural machinery parts; shipbuilding parts & gear hardware; petroleum machinery parts& pipe fittings; building & construction field power plant components. Used high quality Material of different standards: AISI, ASTM, AAR, AS, DIN, BS, etc. Our annual export capacity can reach to 1000 ton. Our mission is cost saving with quality guarantee to create more value for our customers by good service.
Process Description

Open Die Forging Technological Process 


 1, Melting Customized Raw Material 

 Melting customized raw material according to chemical composition which customer provide.

 2, Spectrum Testing

 We will continue produce after chemical composition approval. 


 3, Cutting Steel 

 Cutting steel into the best proportion for forging.

 4, Annealing

 Annealing for raw material to ensure there is no cracks in products during forging process.

 5, Forging Process  6, Rough machining

 7, Heat Treatment

 We could do different heat treatment ways according to mechanical properties which customer request.

 8, Inspect Mechanical Properties

 We will cut a test specimen from product body to test, and continue producing after test specimen approval.


 9, Machining

 Machining according to drawing dimentions or customer's delivery dimention request.

 10, Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

 We usually use MT to inspect surface cracks of products.


 11, Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

 We usually use UT to inspect the size of products internal defect, and tell approval or not according to customer's UT grade request. 

 12, Final Inspection

 We will do visual inspection and inspect dimentions of products by measuring inplements after finishing.

 13, Packing   14, Transport