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Parfect Steel is a global supplier and trader of pipe and steel products and services, specializing in Heat exchange tube , Gas Cylinder Pipe , Oil & Gas pipe line, Stainless Tube, Mechanical & Structure pipe. Our proven expertise and unparalleled lead times have firmly positioned our company as an industry leader. Parfect combines Chinese sourcing with a uniquely efficient distribution system to service customers anywhere in the world. Parfect offers one stop solution in pipe system area as streamlining the roles of manufacturers, trading companies, distributors and logistics providers. Our client base ranges from regional pipe and steel distributors to global conglomerates participating in some of the most challenging and demanding infrastructure projects throughout the world. Parfect serves customers in various industries across the globe including wholesale and distribution, petroleum, water supply, utilities, transportation and infrastructure, power and alternative energy, natural resources, general construction and beyond. Parfect aims to share our professional value to our partners and to be your most reliable partner.